À propos de nous

Inspiré par certaines des marques de fitness les plus reconnues au monde, Saint Lyon vise à perturber l'industrie des vêtements de fitness en créant des produits de qualité et abordables que vous voudrez porter. De la conception dans nos studios de Montréal et d'Ottawa à votre garde-robe, chaque produit passe par une série d'étapes détaillées, y compris la conception axée sur les commentaires et les tests de résistance. Le résultat est un ajustement conçu pour la performance, le confort et la confiance - à l'intérieur comme à l'extérieur de la salle de sport.

Our Story

Hello and welcome to Saint Lyon. My name is Abby, the co-founder of Saint Lyon

As someone who has always been passionate about the fitness space and apparel, I've always been big about style and performance of apparel without jeopardizing comfort or breaking the bank

This led me on the journey to start Saint Lyon - to not only offer the best possible clothes, but to foster an environment for women to feel confident in their bodies and feel encouraged

Our Mission

Here at Saint Lyon, we aim to break the paradigm of having to break the bank for comfort and style with fitness apparel and to foster an environment for women to feel confident in their bodies and encourage each other.

Our Core Values

Confidence: We want our products to exude the inner confidence in everyone who dons them - regardless of body shape, ethnicity or size.

Performance: The fabrics, design and engineering of our clothes allows you to be give off your very best in your workouts and stay comfortable in and out of the gym.

Community: Our community is the core of who we are. We are a family of like-minded individuals who uplift and support each other.


With every purchase, our customers get the chance to donate to the charity of their choice. Our mission is to inspire our community to refocus on helping those around them, in and out of the gym

We give a percentage of our profits to your Charity of choice.


The desgin process usually starts of with the good old pencil and paper. It's then handed off over to our design team to clean the sketches up and create a digital versions. This opens the door for discussion with our manufacturing team where we go through a series of review meetings and sampling.

After shortlisting a few samples, we literally take them through the mill in quality testing which includes taking them through rigorous workouts and several laundry cycles. Finally, those that make the cut go into mass production and make it from our stores into your wardrobes

Importantly, we also ensure that all of our workers in our manufacturer facilities are paid and treated equally. Please see our sustainability page for more info.